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Special Events

Every now and then we like to break the mold and host a one-of-a-kind event.  These events can range from small scavenger hunts and trivia games, a "Witches Night Out" that will knock your warts off to a full-blown "Dinner and Escape Nights" where we go all out!  This year we are starting our 13-month (yep you read that right) escape game called "Society 13". 



Dinner and Escape

A "Dinner and Escape Night" is a night like no other and for this reason we limit how many we do a year but our February night has become an annual tradition that just keeps getting better.  Our annual February "Dinner and Escape Night" will host it's 4th themed evening in 2023 and we couldn't be more excited!  **Our February event is for those 21 and older only.  


Our "Dinner and Escape Nights" are themed each year and each year held at a different location.  You receive the theme when you purchase your ticket and then before the big night you will receive a hand-delivered invitation describing your evening.  Invitations hold clues and hints for the night to come.  

Each table is limited to eight guests.  You can buy one ticket and be paired with other players or you can buy eight tickets and bring your crew.  Costumes are not required but they make the evening even more fun.  

Our evenings start off with a cocktail reception where you get to know more about the game, your hosts and your fellow players.  You are then escorted to the dining area where you are served a plated dinner.

You never know when the game is going to start, and we don't tell you until it's time!  Once the game starts it is a chaotic and fun night of puzzles, intrigue, clues and shenanigans.  After the you have survived your game (we hope for the best but plan for the worst), you are served dessert and coffee and can relax for the rest of the night with your new friends.  

Escape the Pharoah's Tomb

It's 1923 and it's the one-year anniversary of the opening of King Tutt's Tomb.  You have been invited to a special showing and presentation of a new chamber that has been discovered, it is an affair not to be missed.  Archeologists are on-site to show you the hidden treasures of this mysterious tomb but rumors are already spreading about the curse on anyone who touches the treasure of the King.  It's a night to tempt the God's and see if you have what it takes to beat the curse.  Tickets are limited each night so be sure to secure your spot!

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