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Mobile Games

Our Mobile Unit - Comes to you!


Try our 31-ft mobile escape room lovingly referred to as "Mama Fratelli".  She is big, she ain't pretty but she gets the job done and we love her.  


Enjoy the convenience of ordering a mobile game at your next party.  We drive up to your location, plug in and away we go with the games.  When we are done, we drive away and leave you to your party!  It doesn't get much easier than that!

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Wednesday has received an anonymous letter that was slid under her door.  The letter states that someone has procured enough Nightshade to poison the entire school!  Wednesday sends THING on a mission to find out who the culprit is, but THING has gone missing too!  You must help Wednesday find THING and the Nightshade before the school pays the price!

Memorial Day Special!

We will have the mobile unit ON-SITE at our new location and ready to play!  Book your time now - we only have a few slots available!

Cost:  $260 per hour

(locations outside 20 miles require 2 hr minimum)

Additional Hour: $210

Location:  Private location - your location
Duration:  60 minutes

Players = 8 players MAX


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Pick Your Game

Coming September 2023


Beginning September 2023 you can pick your game!   

Choose from one of our games below

You're having a grand ole time at the Whisky River Saloon when word comes in that Wild Willie Red and his gang are headed this way and are up to no good. 

Sheriff Wyatt has asked for your help.  He is going to try to distract the gang while you retrieve the saloon's gold from the safe and hide it.  He will keep them stalled as long as he can but you must hurry and get it out of there before it's too late!

Current Theme

Doctor and Mrs. De LaRue are new to the Twin Falls area and they would like to celebrate the New Year and ring in 1920 with you!  You have been cordially invited to their home for an evening of games, frivolity and high-society socializing.

This may be the night you are welcomed to the exclusive club "The Practice".  It may be an invitation you regret accepting.

The entire magical world is in danger and depending on you!  You have been given a mission by the greatest wizard of our time, Sinjohn the Great.  

An elixir has been discovered that has the power to take all the power from every witch and wizard and give it to the one who drinks it!  It's up to you to find the elixir and spellbook and return it to Sinjohn before the dark one uses it for himself!

Will has gone missing and you must solve the riddles and clues at his house to find him.  You must venture into the Upside Down to rescue your friend.  Hurry - don't wake the Demogorgon!

Grinch has thrown a tantrum

and refuses to come out

He's gone into hiding

and started to pout!

Find the Grinch who is hiding

and return his Christmas cheer

Let him sing his Grinchmas tiding

For everyone to hear!

All games are non-refundable.  If guest gives at least a 48-hour notice, games can be rescheduled and must be used within 90 days.  Less than 48-hour notice will result in loss of game and credit.

All events/parties 10+ miles outside of Twin Falls will incur a travel fee of $1.25 per mile

**Please Note** mileage cost is reflective of prices, this amount will change when prices decrease

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