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And now for something completely different..............

We do more than mobile escape games!  Custom-built cornhole sets and furniture of the creepy and coffin-shaped design.  All items are hand-made and not massed produced and come from our dark little minds

All orders take 6-8 weeks to build.  Local orders can be hand-delivered and out of the area orders will have a shipping fee.  All items are shipped via UPS.  Delivery in the continental US only.  

Ask us about our

Beautiful, unique and well built are just some of the words to describe these sets.  Let your goth flag fly and show what a badass you are by having a set like this!  You don't need to conform to the norm, stand out! 


Strut your stuff carrying these bad boys to party this year.  The reaper has your back and will intimidate even the most hardened corn-hole player.  Flex your pale muscles and laugh in the face of the cornhole professionals with your own custom coffin set.  Guaranteed to draw in the cornhole groupies with curiosity. 

Each set comes with eight bags (green and black) and features our bleeding skull logo.

Custom logos can be placed on sets and bags for an additional $40 fee.  

$399.00 per set


Tabletop Cornhole Sets

Love cornhole but hate going outside?  Does the sun burn your goth skin and keep you from living your creepy life?  Not anymore my delicate little flower.  This tabletop coffin-shaped cornhole set is just what you need!

This set measures just 17 inches long by 10 inches wide with 2x2 corn bags.  No threat to your back to lift these babies!

Each set is made to order because, just like you my little dark dumpling, each one shines it is own way.  

Get your party going the only way you can...from the comfort of your home.  

$125 per set

Contact us today to order your set!

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