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(MEGA Games)

Mega Games are our BIG games that can play UP TO 50 PEOPLE at a time!  These games are great for:

Family Reunions

Corporate Team Building


Graduation Parties

Christmas Parties

Employee Appreciation Parties

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Cost for Each Mega Game

Cost:  $660 per hour

(locations outside 20 miles have a 2 hr minimum)

Additional Hour: $330

Location:  Private location - your location
Duration:  60 minutes


The Treasure of
James Lafayette

This game has everything....history, mystery and treasure!

History is calling you from the grave!

Local author James Lafayette has placed an article in the Twin Falls News, several years after his death!  James knows the location of the lost Stricker gold and it's up to you to decipher the puzzles and clues to figure out the location!

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Custom Theme

Custom theme for MAXIMUM fun!

YOU pick your theme

This is unlike any game we have built before.  With a combination of competitive tasks, solving riddles and puzzles to earn your clues to the final PRIZE, this game gets everyone in the mix and is a whole lot of fun to watch!


Available June 2023

You are on a voyage of a lifetime crossing the Atlantic on your way to the new world.  You are enjoying your private dinner on the captains deck when tragedy strikes.  The unsinkable Titanic has hit an ice burg and now you must find the key to the last lifeboat on the ship!

King Tut Day (6).jpg

Escape the
Pharaoh's Tomb

It's 1923 and the one-year anniversary to the opening of King Tut's Tomb.  You have been invited to an exclusive sneak peek of a new exhibit but rumors are already circulating about the curse.  Now it's up to you and the others to return the precious treasures to the tomb...before you are sealed in forever.  

MEGA Themes

Mini MEGA Games

Too big for our mobile unit but not quite big enough for the MEGA games?  Our Mini-MEGA Games are for groups of 10-20 people.  These are great for smaller companies, birthday parties, or just small gatherings.  

Coming in June 2023

Cost for Mini-Mega Game

Cost:  $360 per hour

(locations outside 20 miles have a 2 hr minimum)

Additional Hour: $260

Location:  Private location - your location
Duration:  60 minutes

Goonies Never Say Die!

Say the pledge and jump in on the treasure hunt to find the treasure of that famous pirate - You know, the one with one eye.  Race the others as time is short and whoever gets to the treasure first, gets it all!  Beware of the Booty traps though - too many of those and you're out!

That's what we said!  Booby Traps

All games are non-refundable.  If guest gives at least a 48-hour notice, games can be rescheduled and must be used within 90 days.  Less than 48-hour notice will result in loss of game and credit.

All events/parties 10+ miles outside of Twin Falls will incur a travel fee of $1.25 per mile

**Please Note** mileage cost is reflective of prices, this amount will change when prices decrease

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