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Skull Sketches

Welcome to The Escapuary!

Escape Letters at The Escapuary

Did you know The Escapuary is located in what was once a mortuary? (Escape + Mortuary = Escapuary)  Each of our rooms is a different memory of some of our favorite guests.  Some happy, some creepy but all with an element of fun!


Gather your friends and family, summon your courage, and let The Escapuary become your sanctuary of thrills and puzzles. Adventure awaits, so step inside and embark on a journey that will test the limits of your wit, ingenuity, and teamwork.

Not into escape rooms just yet?  Cut loose with your creativity and book our Splatter Room.  With space up to 8 painters at a time (private bookings), let your creativity GLOW and have a paint fight, create artful canvas art or just dance to some music and let the paint flow!  Great for date night, girls night, family night - It's just fun!

Stop by and see us!  You won't believe a place this awesome is at your doorstep!

Check our our Teambuilding games where we bring the fun TO YOU, or click on the button below to get started.  


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Totally Tubular:  Maudes' Room

Totally Tubuluar 80's themed escape room
Player Count The Escapuary

Players:  2-8

Alarm Clock

Time: 60 minutes

Jump back in time to Maude's favorite memory - the 1980's.  You have 60-minutes to complete Maude's game of CLUE- or you'll be hanging with Maude forever.

The Attic Escape Room The Escapuary

The Attic:  Gladys' Room

Player Count The Escapuary

Players:  2-4

Alarm Clock

Time: 60 minutes

Although we aren't sure WHEN Glady's favorite time was, we sure know where it was - The Attic.  Tread lightly as there is something sinister trying to keep you from escaping.  Unless you want to become part of the doll collection forever, you must find your way out in under 60 minutes, or it's playtime with Gladys.


Buried:  Toms' Shack

Buried Escape Room The Escpapuary
Player Count The Escapuary

Players:  2-4

Alarm Clock

Time: 60 minutes

Tom was a previous employee of the mortuary when it was still here.  Tom's favorite memory is a bit disturbing (for you, not for him).  Venture into Tom's mind and hope that you come out because what waits for you beyond the walls is Tom's favorite part.  


Glow Splatter Room Kimberly Idaho The Escapuary

**Kid Rules**


Kids aged 4-6 will be provided a poncho, booties, goggles, and a  small canvas to paint and two paint bottles.  

All groups with kids under the age of 16 REQUIRE a Playing adult in the room.

Player Count The Escapuary

Players:  2-8

Alarm Clock

Time: 30 minutes

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds, and creativity is set free - introducing our thrilling Paint Splatter Room experience!  This unique and dynamic space is designed for up to 10 people at a time, allowing friends, family, or colleagues to embark on a colorful journey together.

Each admission includes:
30-Minute of Paint Splatter Fun
4 paint bottles of players choice 
1 small canvas 

Each player MUST wear the provided gear:
Protective Goggles
Disposable Poncho
Shoe Bo


Skull Sketches


College ofSouthen Idaho Night Escape Room Th Escapuary
Black Background
Gift Certificate Escape Room The Escapuary Splatter Room


Give the gift that keeps on giving!  Choose adventure, choose unique, CHOOSE FUN!  Better yet - let them choose!

Our gift cards can be used for onsite games, special events, hosting events or in our Treat Shop!  

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